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Carmen Solomon


Life Sucks But The Alternative Is Unacceptable


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Carmen Solomon

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This is how the show ends.

The show should end with Sam and Dean going off a clif a la "Thelma and Louise" in the Impala. Then you hear an EKG machine beeping and Sam says.

"He's opening his eyes, Dad Dean's awake."

Dean opens his eyes and looks over at Sam AND John Winchester. Dean as well as the audience is confused.

Then Sam explains that Dean has been in a coma for the past five years, ever since the car wreck at the end of season 1. MAKING THE ENTIRE SHOW EXCEPT SEASON ONE A HALLUCINATION.

And then at the end, John walks over and says, "it's nice to have my boys back."


It would be perfect. The fans would be pissed, but no one would ever forget that finale.

EVERYBODY should post this on their blogs/journals
Carmen Solomon
This is a sin and a shame.

I think everybody should see this
Carmen Solomon
I'm late to post this but here it is anyway:

Blog post
Angel Coulby Imagine Me and You
So today I read this blog post at "What About Our Daughters" and it made me wonder.

One of the comments mentioned that black women should leave black neighborhoods and move into wealthier areas because there won't be so much crime and violence, and if there is a complaint the police will come.

What do you think? Should black women "head for the hills?"

I like this one
Carmen Solomon
I like this.

What I do like the most about this?

- I have the right to acknowledge that I am terrified of men and sometimes have social anxiety around men from dealing with chronic Street Harassment, being stalked and followed and death threats from not responding to sexual advances.

and this.

- I have the right to acknowledge that I am shy, and often uncomfortable which has been assumed "black bitch" and "unapproachable", simply because I am black female.

I can't begin to tell you the many times I've heard that I or another black woman is "unapproachable" or "a bitch." Well I think any woman would be a little shy if they grew up hearing wolf whistles and guys saying, "baby, you got a man? You look fine today, can I get your number," and when you don't give it to them, they get pissed. WTF?

20. Black women and girls have the basic right to all social norms such as dating, marriage, commitment, flirting, singles parties, and picking mates they deem compatible like all other women.

This one too. Why is it that black women are supposed to "Lower our standards?" Why are we considered less than other women? This reminds me of when I was in college 30 years ago and I was going out with a guy, a black man who got pissed off at me and called me a princess. You know why? Because I had the audacity to want to be treated well, I wanted roses on Valentine's Day. Why was it that the white cadets (I'm talking about at West Point) could get their girlfriends roses but black men didn't because they thought it was "a white thing." WTF?

I am going to say something controversal
Carmen Solomon
If the gov's of NJ and NY can't stay faithful, can anybody?

First of all this article is stupid.

I think it is unnatural for a couple to stay together forever these days. In bygone days the life expentancy was like 45, 55? So when people said "'till death do us part," they were probably talking about 10 years.

Also life is so different today. Years ago people lived in the same town their whole lives, stayed in the same job and lived the same life. Today people have more than one career, live in different cities and change more times than out ancestors did. I am a different person today than I was at age 25; so if I'd married at 25 I would be a totally different person today.

Now as for the politicians, I went to a national convention in 1992 and I saw beautiful women, women who looked like models offering themselves to these politicians and let me tell you, most of those guys aren't exactly George Clooney, or Jensen Ackles. The average guy doesn't have drop dead gorgeous women offering themselves to them on a daily or hourly basis, so the fact these guys cheat shouldn't surprise anyone.

It's like this, little girls have to stop reading those stupid fairytales; they don't exist, there's no prince waiting to marry you, there's no such thing as happily ever after.

In conclusion, I believe in serial monogamy.

The news media sucks donkey's balls
Carmen Solomon
Sad story.

What's sadder is that if a black woman goes missing, nobody will care. Just think, if I go missing, it won't be on the local and especially the national news, they'll still be talking about blondes missing in Aruba or if Drew Peterson killed one or two of his wives.

The news went on and on and on and on about Natalie Holloway, but nothing on this young lady. This is one of the main reasons I don't even bother to watch anything but CNN International.

It seems that everybody in the country knows this goes on, but no one does anything about it.

Monday question
Carmen Solomon
I was talking about this with my mom yesterday.

I have heard that today some schools don't want parents to bring in things like cupcakes because so many kids have food allergies.

When I was a kid, my mom baked cupcakes, I don't remember anyone in my school having food allergies, though a friend of mine had to drink goat's milk instead of cow's milk.

I never knew anyone with peanut or shellfish allergies until I was a grown woman; I never knew anyone with asthma until I was a grown woman.

I lived in a neighborhood that sprayed the trees with DDT, burned their garbage, yet we kids played outside until dark.

So what is so different now? Why do so many kids have all kinds of food allergies? Are they real or just another way for parents to baby their kids?

If you have the time...
Carmen Solomon
This is long, I won't deny it and I don't agree with every single thing said here but the gist of this film really got to me so I'm posting this for all because I think folks should see at least part of this.

The little children with the dolls made me cry.

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